Join Robert Lewis for a dynamic 10-week journey into modern-day manhood which is designed to point men to a more empowered and satisfying manhood. Each session provides timeless truths and practical insights to help men become competent, confident and successful in life.

10 Weekly Topics Include…

1. Manhood Today (understanding today’s manhood challenges and opportunities)
2. Looking Back (understanding why your history often determines your future)
3. Unpacking (understanding your story and how it shapes your life)
4. The Dad Factor (understanding how one man so powerfully influences your destiny)
5. Defining Manhood (understanding you can’t become what you can’t define)
6. The Good Life (understanding what it is and what it isn’t)
7. A Man and His Spiritual Journey
(understanding where you are and beyond)
8. A Man and His Woman (understanding how to successfully relate to women for a lifetime)
9. A Man and His Work (understanding how to win in this key arena)
10. A Man and His Legacy (understanding how to better the world for generations to come)